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Styling a Terrace with Silk Plants

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2015

Greenery is very much having its moment these days. Even our concrete city embraces it. Many of our customers who had no way of bringing irrigation to their terraces, or have had bad luck with real plants, have sent us photos of their terraces decked out in CFD artificial plants! However, when attempting this, the best situation is a shady area. The sunlight will change the color of the plants and you should replace them between 6 months to a year in sunny areas.  Also avoid very tall artificial trees and secure everything so your plants doesn’t blow off the terrace. We suggest not going all artificial but mixing some live hardy plants with some of our artificial ones so that the garden looks more convincing and real. Doing a little trial and error is worth it when you can have your own oasis in the city.

Enjoy your summer!

DSC_0360 (2)

DSC_0361 (2)

DSC_0366 (2)


DSC_0368 (2)

Photos courtesy of Linda Athonijsz