Silk Floral Designs by Linda Munn


red and green floral in blue and white man vaseSnowdrop and greenerypurple phalaenopsis

After a long stint on Wall St. working for traditional large name firms, Linda Munn decided to answer her calling to become a Silk Floral Stylist. This calling may seem unusual for a New Yorker but Linda grew up with a garden and tended to it with her family throughout her life. She further evolved to designing and constructing homes and gardens. Today, Linda is a high-end Silk floral and plant designer who does work in various settings. She has done custom floral work for clients’ homes and one of her recent projects includes designing the floral for the 9/11 Memorial Museum memorial plaque.

Linda frequents CFD often and her compositions are always well-thought out and classic. She will design floral that will flatter a porcelain blue and white or an antique crystal vase. Doing such work does not come without challenges as clients learn to overcome the stigma attached to faux or Silk Flowers. Linda often remarks, when you tell a client they should include Silk floral in their home decoration, they don’t understand that Silk has come a long way since the first few generations of Silk flowers and plants, even as recent as 10 years ago. They do not have to be “Grandma” flowers. Silk flowers today are still largely handmade and although they are not literally made of Silk, they are made with a mix of fabrics, latex coatings, plastics, that can fool you even if you were to touch them.

Linda is one of our favorite Silk Floral designers because she will treat Silk flowers as if they were real and pair the flowers together in the right season, with the right colors, and add a personal style per client. Please visit Linda’s website at to view samples of her work or contact her directly at (917) 685-1569 to inquire about her services.

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