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Silk Floral Designs by Linda Munn

Friday, October 30th, 2015


red and green floral in blue and white man vaseSnowdrop and greenerypurple phalaenopsis

After a long stint on Wall St. working for traditional large name firms, Linda Munn decided to answer her calling to become a Silk Floral Stylist. This calling may seem unusual for a New Yorker but Linda grew up with a garden and tended to it with her family throughout her life. She further evolved to designing and constructing homes and gardens. Today, Linda is a high-end Silk floral and plant designer who does work in various settings. She has done custom floral work for clients’ homes and one of her recent projects includes designing the floral for the 9/11 Memorial Museum memorial plaque.

Linda frequents CFD often and her compositions are always well-thought out and classic. She will design floral that will flatter a porcelain blue and white or an antique crystal vase. Doing such work does not come without challenges as clients learn to overcome the stigma attached to faux or Silk Flowers. Linda often remarks, when you tell a client they should include Silk floral in their home decoration, they don’t understand that Silk has come a long way since the first few generations of Silk flowers and plants, even as recent as 10 years ago. They do not have to be “Grandma” flowers. Silk flowers today are still largely handmade and although they are not literally made of Silk, they are made with a mix of fabrics, latex coatings, plastics, that can fool you even if you were to touch them.

Linda is one of our favorite Silk Floral designers because she will treat Silk flowers as if they were real and pair the flowers together in the right season, with the right colors, and add a personal style per client. Please visit Linda’s website at to view samples of her work or contact her directly at (917) 685-1569 to inquire about her services.

CFD’s Flowers in December Vogue Shoot

Saturday, January 11th, 2014

With the holidays now over and annual winter buying trips about to come to an end, we finally get a chance to reflect on the past year. What a year it has been. We feel blessed everyday to do what we love with fantastic and talented people as our clients and customers.

Below is a photo from Vogue magazine that is for a belated update on our good friend, Ariel Dearie, who came in to show us her work in the December 2013 Vogue shoot featuring Jessica Chastein. What a romantic spread done with our artificial flowers in the background (and some real flowers too if you can tell which is which!)

Please absolutely check out her blog and website on her fashionable and chic work at You can find more contact info and more photos at

Pre-made Boxwood Gardens in the City

Friday, July 6th, 2012

When you walk into a garden of carefully manicured boxwood greenery, you cannot deny it’s calming and beautifying effect. Even though we live in a city, we still feel compelled to create this type of sanctuary at home. That is why we will always bring plants indoors for comfort and beauty. And what if one is blessed with a terrace or rooftop garden in the city? Many people opt to use our artificial boxwood to create their own low-maintenance boxwood garden.

After we advised some customers on building custom boxwood pieces for their terraces, we began to carry pre-made boxwood hedges and topiaries. We also expanded the variety of modular boxwood mats to include different types of boxwood leaves and different sizes. We were thrilled when customers sent us photos of their projects. The boxwood made a huge impact in their quality of living and maintenance was very minimal.

We do have some advice on building your boxwood garden in the city. Do make sure you secure the plants to your fence or wall if you have a windy terrace. When the color fades under the sun over a few years, we have heard that people use floral spray paint to touch it up. After some time, Customers also do come back to us to replace their artificial boxwood because they are happy with the durability of them over the years.

If you have a large space, or if you are working on a more complicated design, you may need to contact a professional for help. We recommend our long time friend and customer, Robert Urban. He has been a gardener and designer in New York for many years. He uses our pre-made boxwood pieces in many different designs and is wonderful at keeping everything looking as if they were natural. You can see photos of his works below using our pre-made boxwood products. For more info about Robert Urban, please visit his website:

Classic Holiday Home Decor by Lisa McInnis

Monday, December 14th, 2009

Before you know it, the holidays will be here. As many designers know, artificial holiday greenery and accessories, which are ready-made and durable, will allow you to decorate well ahead of the festivities.  This is ideal so you can relax  and focus on house company!

Even though we provide artificial holiday decorations, we prefer to have a natural and classic look, such as the work done by Lisa McInnis, a landscape designer, based in Norwalk, Connecticut. We are fortunate to know her for many years and we greatly admire her designs.  She expertly uses our artificial holiday greenery and fruit picks with real pine to bring class to anyone’s home.

Below are pictures of Ms. McInnis’ client’s home in Greenwich, Connecticut. Also be sure to check out her amazing portfolio on her website at:

Rita Konig Decorates with CFD's Lifelike Pines

Tuesday, December 8th, 2009

Thank you Rita for the mention on your NY Times Blog!

“They [CFD] have the best fir garlands, some already strung with lights, sprigs of mistletoe and other white and red berries.”

Rita Konig, decorator maven and contributor to British Vogue and Domino, creates stunning holiday decor for the Waverly Inn in the West Village. She expertly mixes real and artificial holiday greens, including our pine garlands and mistletoe.  A good tip by Rita is, “In restaurants, everything you use has to be fake — both for fire safety, and since the fir dries out too fast and the needles fall into customers’ soup, which interferes with the cheer.” At CFD, we make sure to carry fire-retardent holiday greenery.

Keep up with lovely Ms. Konig on her weekly blog at