Christmas Ideas

Traditionally evergreens were brought into the home to symbolize everlasting life and hope for the return of spring. And little else will create the bountiful and uplifting atmosphere for the time when we are together with our loved ones during the holiday.

Does Christmas always seem to come earlier every year? It seems the time rolls around so quickly that we have to gear up for the hectic party planning and decorating again. However, we welcome all of the traditional boughs and holly because it is never too early to get inspired and much of inspiration is from nature. All year round, when we see a pine branch or berry branch in the perfect size and shape, we break it off the tree and send it to the factory to produce them in the artificial form. It is no small feat, involving lots of expertise among those of our manufacturing and design team. Sometimes it takes years to finalize one product but the result is often satisfying to our creative efforts. And also these are boughs that will be used and appreciated several Christmases ahead.

These products below are a result of our recent inspirations.

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