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Styling a Terrace with Silk Plants

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2015

Greenery is very much having its moment these days. Even our concrete city embraces it. Many of our customers who had no way of bringing irrigation to their terraces, or have had bad luck with real plants, have sent us photos of their terraces decked out in CFD artificial plants! However, when attempting this, the best situation is a shady area. The sunlight will change the color of the plants and you should replace them between 6 months to a year in sunny areas.  Also avoid very tall artificial trees and secure everything so your plants doesn’t blow off the terrace. We suggest not going all artificial but mixing some live hardy plants with some of our artificial ones so that the garden looks more convincing and real. Doing a little trial and error is worth it when you can have your own oasis in the city.

Enjoy your summer!

DSC_0360 (2)

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Photos courtesy of Linda Athonijsz


Pre-made Boxwood Gardens in the City

Friday, July 6th, 2012

When you walk into a garden of carefully manicured boxwood greenery, you cannot deny it’s calming and beautifying effect. Even though we live in a city, we still feel compelled to create this type of sanctuary at home. That is why we will always bring plants indoors for comfort and beauty. And what if one is blessed with a terrace or rooftop garden in the city? Many people opt to use our artificial boxwood to create their own low-maintenance boxwood garden.

After we advised some customers on building custom boxwood pieces for their terraces, we began to carry pre-made boxwood hedges and topiaries. We also expanded the variety of modular boxwood mats to include different types of boxwood leaves and different sizes. We were thrilled when customers sent us photos of their projects. The boxwood made a huge impact in their quality of living and maintenance was very minimal.

We do have some advice on building your boxwood garden in the city. Do make sure you secure the plants to your fence or wall if you have a windy terrace. When the color fades under the sun over a few years, we have heard that people use floral spray paint to touch it up. After some time, Customers also do come back to us to replace their artificial boxwood because they are happy with the durability of them over the years.

If you have a large space, or if you are working on a more complicated design, you may need to contact a professional for help. We recommend our long time friend and customer, Robert Urban. He has been a gardener and designer in New York for many years. He uses our pre-made boxwood pieces in many different designs and is wonderful at keeping everything looking as if they were natural. You can see photos of his works below using our pre-made boxwood products. For more info about Robert Urban, please visit his website:

Instant Terrace Gardens

Saturday, March 5th, 2011

New Yorkers are used to living in a concrete jungle, but we get more and more people who come to CFD looking to create a greener view. For many, live plants just aren’t easy to maintain because there isn’t enough sunlight when our home is between densely packed high rises. Or if you travel a lot, how awful is it to come home to dead plants?

We have taken up the challenge of providing our artificial plants and trees for the purpose of creating artificial outdoor gardens. And it is not a perfect science, but the results can be really fantastic and natural-looking. We do recommend replacing artificial plants placed outdoors after every two years as the colors will change under the sun.

Check out recent photos below for a Penthouse terrace that has our custom Cedar plant, and Ming Aralea tree (our Lamb’s Ear in the white vase is inside the room), and a terrace in a courtyard landscaped with our artificial Bamboo trees, ferns, and grasses.

Blooms on New York’s Highline

Sunday, July 25th, 2010

It’s not easy to be in New York in the Summer. Especially with the recent July heatwave, most of us seek refuge indoors in air-conditioning. However, we are suddenly aware that Summer’s almost already half over, and we haven’t yet checked out how the plantings at the Highline have come along.

Last year, we were wowed by the architectural design including park benches right on the rails themselves, and of course, we were amazed at the immense amount of plantings tastefully chosen and landscaped to fit onto this elevated garden. Our favorite time to go to the Highline is at dusk, when the lights turn on all around the gardens, under the benches, and in the tunnels.

We are definitely going to at least one of the lectures or walks offered by Friends of the Highline to learn more about the architectural and landscape design of this special park.

Check out our photos from last year’s visit below.

Edith Wharton's "The Mount"

Thursday, June 3rd, 2010

For Memorial Day weekend, we made our way to cooler weather in the Berkshire Mountains of Western Massachusetts. Many folks have enjoyed the natural beauty of the towns and the artistic community for over a century. Some famous artists include Norman Rockwell, Herman Melville, and Edith Wharton, who have all lived and created their works in the Berkshires.

We were especially inspired by our visit to author Edith Wharton’s estate and gardens, “The Mount”. She was a significant contributor to literature as well as interior and landscape design. It was great to see her estate still well maintained and to have a glimpse of her artistic achievements.

Please see some highlights of our recent trip to “The Mount”.

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