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Instant Terrace Gardens

Saturday, March 5th, 2011

New Yorkers are used to living in a concrete jungle, but we get more and more people who come to CFD looking to create a greener view. For many, live plants just aren’t easy to maintain because there isn’t enough sunlight when our home is between densely packed high rises. Or if you travel a lot, how awful is it to come home to dead plants?

We have taken up the challenge of providing our artificial plants and trees for the purpose of creating artificial outdoor gardens. And it is not a perfect science, but the results can be really fantastic and natural-looking. We do recommend replacing artificial plants placed outdoors after every two years as the colors will change under the sun.

Check out recent photos below for a Penthouse terrace that has our custom Cedar plant, and Ming Aralea tree (our Lamb’s Ear in the white vase is inside the room), and a terrace in a courtyard landscaped with our artificial Bamboo trees, ferns, and grasses.