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“Big Bambu” By the Starn Brothers at the Met

Friday, April 23rd, 2010

We just got tipped off today about the April 27th opening of a new rooftop installation, “Big Bambu”, on top of the Metropolitan Museum of Arts. This is a project by Doug and Mike Starn, twin brother artists who had built a permanent installation of a 250-foot-long work featuring their signature photographs of trees in the South Ferry subway station last year.

According to the NY Times, “Big Bambu” will be an ambitious expansion of last year’s project. This year’s rooftop installation at the Met will be created from over 5000 Bamboo poles brought over from Georgia and South Carolina. Over the course of the 6 month exhibit, the installation will evolve and expand into an area 100 by 50 feet, and be built up to 50 feet above the roof of the Met.

This gives us something to look forward to this summer.

See full article in the NY Times here.

CFD’s 14 Ft Custom Handmade Magnolia Tree

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

We just finished building a 14 ft artificial Magnolia Tree for a client who moved to New York recently from the South. He used to have a Magnolia Tree in his yard and wanted to feel more at home in his New York loft.

It is not easy to get a 14 ft Tree up a New York high-rise. We carried the materials separately to the loft and drilled our large Silk Magnolia leaves into wood branches on location. However, the effort was worth it because the Magnolia tree nicely warms up an otherwise very expansive and stark space.