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Flowering Spring Branches At Club Monaco

Wednesday, February 12th, 2014

Yes our teeth are still chattering from prolonged sub-zero temps this winter but you have to smile when you walk by Club Monaco’s windows already welcoming Spring with CFD’s blossom branches and Magnolia flowers. We are happy to be a part of Club Monaco’s store expansions and new store openings in New York. Even if you are not ready to let go of your sweaters to put on light Spring wear, definitely check out the hard work of the talented display team at Club Monaco. In fact, now you can stop in the Madison Avenue flagship at 160 Fifth Avenue and get a cup of Toby’s Estate coffee and browse the books at the Strand bookstore within the same space. Also stop by the new Soho location at 536 Broadway to see CFD’s Magnolia trees custom-made for the store opening.

For more on Club Monaco’s world, check out their fun Culture Club site. Also, read about Club Monaco’s exciting brand expansion in The New York Times.

Above: Window at 160 Madison Avenue

Above: Window at 160 Madison Avenue

Above: CFD’s Magnolia Tree inside 536 Broadway store location (Photo from Club Monaco)

Above: Window at 536 Broadway location (Photo from Club Monaco)

Will Ryman’s “The Roses” in NYC

Monday, January 24th, 2011

Mock-up of Will Ryman’s “The Roses” at 67th Street and Park Avenue from NY Times article;
WR Studio Inc./Paul Kasmin Gallery

This Winter in New York has challenged even the best of us this year. It’s not worth staying outside in frigid temperatures unless it’s really for something special. If you are in New York, do look for outdoor installations of giant pink and red roses starting January 25th on a stretch of Park Avenue between 57th to 67th Streets. These gigantic fiberglass and stainless steel roses were created by Artist Will Ryman. According to the NY Times, they will be as tall as twenty-five feet in height, and each rose diameter will range from five to ten feet wide.

Read more about Will Ryman in the New York Times here.

CFD’s Flowers at Ralph Lauren’s New Flagship Store

Thursday, October 21st, 2010

Our friends at Ralph Lauren Creative Services have successfully put together yet another dramatic stage set with their new Flagship store at 888 Madison Ave. This recently opened 22,000 square feet palace is devoted to Womenswear and Home, and is located across the street from the Rhinelander Mansion, that is now a companion Menswear only store.

We went to visit the store for the first time yesterday to check out our Silk flowers that were ordered for the exterior window displays. We were amazed at each of the windows and felt that the Ralph Lauren team have outdone themselves. No detail was spared. Each of the window displays could have stood alone as a three dimensional painting.

When we stepped into the store, we noted that every inch of the space is staged comprehensively from floor to ceiling with carefully chosen rugs, furniture, and props. Candle scent permeated the whole store and we felt as if we were at home, a very opulent home. The large space was broken up into a number of masculine dens, feminine canopied bedrooms, and formal dining rooms. It was a delight to wander in and out of this work of art. We are more than excited to visit again for the Holiday displays.

“Big Bambu” By the Starn Brothers at the Met

Friday, April 23rd, 2010

We just got tipped off today about the April 27th opening of a new rooftop installation, “Big Bambu”, on top of the Metropolitan Museum of Arts. This is a project by Doug and Mike Starn, twin brother artists who had built a permanent installation of a 250-foot-long work featuring their signature photographs of trees in the South Ferry subway station last year.

According to the NY Times, “Big Bambu” will be an ambitious expansion of last year’s project. This year’s rooftop installation at the Met will be created from over 5000 Bamboo poles brought over from Georgia and South Carolina. Over the course of the 6 month exhibit, the installation will evolve and expand into an area 100 by 50 feet, and be built up to 50 feet above the roof of the Met.

This gives us something to look forward to this summer.

See full article in the NY Times here.

CFD’s Silk Flowers and Boxwood in Spring Retail Store Displays

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

Just a short distance from our store on 28th Street, you can view our boxwood mats installed onto the walls at Restoration Hardware on 935 Broadway and 22nd Street. They did a wonderful job of making an indoor garden. Walk a little further downtown to the J.Crew store on Fifth Ave and 17th Street, and you will see delightful window displays of CFD’s Flowers welcoming Spring. The Creative Services team at J.Crew had set-up this display at other various locations in New York and New Jersey as well. Hope you will get a chance to check it out!

Tim Burton’s Topiary

Friday, March 26th, 2010

We will finally get to feast our eyes on the Tim Burton Exhibit at the MOMA next week. This was only possible because we booked our timed tickets very much in advance. Since the opening on November 22, last year, Burton’s exhibit proved to be ever popular since we have not been able to get tickets on the weekends until now. Reviews have been mixed for the exhibit but who can top this 11.5 feet tall giant plastic topiary deer? It will be the highlight of our visit. We are excited to see Burton’s other 2D, 3D, and cinematic works as well.

See below for MOMA’s behind-the-scenes video footage on the replica of the “Topiary”, as seen in the 1990 Edward Scissorhands film.

Fashion Week Installations of CFD Flowers

Thursday, February 18th, 2010

2009-0212-cfd-flower-in-dkny-tax-vestibules1 2010-0218-diesel-mannequin

Photo credit of DKNY vestibules: Daily Front Row

Catch CFD’s Silk flowers in action. From February 12 – March 12, DKNY is promoting their Spring line with our brightly colored Silk flowers inside vestibules on top of taxi cabs. Also, at the Diesel store on 770 Lexington Ave, you can view an enormous head piece made from hundreds of our flowers. The display is part of their “Be Stupid” marketing campaign that encourages creativity and risk-taking.

Roxy Paine's "Maelstrom", A 130 x 45 Ft Giant Steel Tree Sculpture

Friday, November 27th, 2009

This weekend, we will catch the extraordinary “Maelstrom” tree sculpture exhibit by Roxy Paine at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. We are glad we did not miss it for it is the last weekend. For more info on the exhibit, click here. See the museum’s video below showing the assembly of the giant sculpture on top of the museum’s roof.