Spotlight on Philip Haas’ Spring (after Arcimboldo)

We are lucky to meet all types of designers and artists everyday in the NY Flower Market. Many of them are our long-time friends who share their love of their work and their knowledge generously. Most recently, we feel honored that the Artist and Director Philip Haas, best known for the Oscar-nominated Angels and Insects (1995), chose to work with CFD to recreate Arcimboldo’s oil painting Spring in 3D form. Haas took our Silk flowers and painstakingly reworked and re-assembled each piece on his Fiberglass form, as he interpreted the original painting. Haas said he was inspired to recreate Giuseppe Arcimboldo’s portraits originally as garden sculptures. A 15 ft fiberglass version of the Winter statue exhibited at the National Gallery of Art in Washington DC in September 2010, before traveling in 2011 to the Piazza delDuomo in Milan and the Garden of Versailles.

You can view the Spring Sculpture, as well as Haas’s other three seasons (made of fiberglass and other media) from February 25 through April 21, 2012,at the Sonnabend Gallery at 536 W. 22nd Street in New York.

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